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Urban Dictionary

I was trying to find the definition of a phrase I had read in an article on the web one day and happened to end up on the Urban Dictionary site.  I had no idea I would find it so fascinating and the next thing I knew a couple hours had passed.

I found all the terminology either snortingly funny or spot-on accurate at describing something that had no name in our pop culture.  Sometimes both.

I thought I’d share a few of these I found so appropriate to my life:

Link Diving:  The act of clicking further and further from your original subject of research. Commonly related to the popular website Wikipedia.com.  I do this all the time and is often the booksreason for scorched dinners or my slackage in uploading blog posts.

Book Hangover:  When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.  Instant teleports aren’t real?  Crap, I’m back in the real world again.

Man Points:  Points that one receives upon the completion of a distinctly manly task. More often than not, intelligent points and man points are inversely proportional.  Points received for doing stereotypical macho actions like starting a fight with a professional boxer, taunting someone to throw a dart at your face, lighting a fart on fire, or holding a scorching object in your hand for an extended period of time.  My husband is fortunately not as idiotic as the definition, but I do award him man points when he completes something on my Honey-Do List or handles emergency water heater or plumbing issues.

Coupon Karma:  The act of clipping every coupon and leaving them near the item in the store for others to use. The good Karma is returned when others start practicing Coupon Karma as well.  Okay, I’ve never heard of this or ever seen a couple lounging around on grocery shelves, but I think this is a wonderful idea and I may start doing it myself.

Trash Jenga:  When the garbage gets piled so high that you and your roommates carefully place trash on top to form a tower. The one who is unfortunate in having the tower collapse on them is then responsible for taking out the trash.  We play this weekly.  We don’t get garbage pick-up service out here in the country and hauling it off to a “convenience center” is a job my husband dreads and puts off as long as possible.  This results in all the cans outside being full, so we get to play Trash Jenga in the house.

googleGoogle Smart:  When someone has to Google a topic, then post the information, as if they came up with it all on their own.  Google is my best friend.  Really.  My mother is about ready to stage an intervention for me to deal with my Google addiction.  I just can’t help it.  I read something or hear something on the radio or television and just need to know more.  Or I see someone in a movie and have that “what is it I know them from?” moment.  Google!

Update Day:  The one day, usually every month or so, where you finally crack, and update Adobe, Itunes, Steam, and a bunch of other crap all day. Basically renders your computer useless if you are using anything but solitaire.  I’m so guilty of this, but it isn’t just one computer I’m responsible for.  As the “Tech Officer” for our household, I deal with four desktops and two laptops, one smartphone and two Wii(s).  I also update all the virus/malware software and run manual backups to external hard drives.  By 5 p.m. on these days, I’m usually in such a foul mood that Update Day is also known as Pizza Night.

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