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The Un-Introduction

I always agonize over those About Me sections in forums and websites.  The old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” stays on constant replay in my brain as I struggle to come up with something to fill that yawning space that mocks me.  Every blink of the cursor is a foot tapping in impatience.  What to say?  How much to say?  How boring will I sound if I tell the unvarnished truth?  I stress out and then what I end up with just sounds either pathetically lame or I don’t even recognize the person I just described.

So I’m trying something different here for my “unintroductory” post.  No a/s/l, educational history or professional resume.  No listing of family trees, pet types/names or index of interests and hobbies.  I’ll let most of that spring up naturally throughout my posts.  I’m trying out a quasi stream of consciousness, trying to stay focused on topic, but not plotting, revising and editing every word I write.

As an FYI to any that find their way here, this is a heavy sarcasm zone. Watch out for dry humor and falling rocks.  My intent is humorous, but we all know how easy it can be for the written word to be misinterpreted.

Things that should be glaringly evident about me from just this post:  I’m the self-proclaimed Queen of the Run-On Sentence.  Proper grammar is optional in my world, but I try.   The “…” (ellipsis) is my BFF.  I sometimes makeup words to fit my needs.

Lastly, what do I mean by the blog title?  There are actually several fitting interpretations.  I’ll save the story of how I came up with the title for another post, but as I was researching I ran across the Dream Bible Dictionary‘s interpretation:

~To dream of the color white represents balance, purity, or purification. Negative thinking patterns or negative situations are being cleansed from your life. A white room, a white house, or white clothing are all pointing to mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and purification. Dream with white are often accompanied by real waking life situations where you must overcome negativity in some manner.~