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Palette of the Week: Busy Being Blue

Palette 5 Blue Flowers

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Between being in a daze from the non-drowsy antihistamines or completely unconscious from the normal antihistamines, I feel like I’ve lost the last few weeks of my life.  If I’m lucky, I get a couple hours a day of clear-headed thought and that’s usually when I realize everything I’ve been missing while being The Hive Queen.

So, with my blue palette and a damn fine soundtrack, I’ll wallow…just a tiny bit.  I’ll just hit play, close my eyes, and it will be all better soon.

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Palette of the Week: Elixir of Life

Coffee paletteMy morning “must-have”.  Unfortunately, since I’m still dealing with being broken out in hives from a yet-unknown-cause allergic reaction, its currently on my banned foods list.  Along with chocolate.  Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.

Having a Tuscany-themed dining room was the one thing I was absolutely sure of when making decor choices for the house.  I love the bold gold and green, but especially the reddish tones.  Dream Sig 3

Palette of the Week: Furball

Dog palette

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Here’s the adorable little furball that’s the bane of my existence.  He requires, no DEMANDS, more of my attention than my son has in all his various phases growing up.

The problem is he knows how cute he is, so he gets away with everything.  From running through the house like he has a tin can tied to his docked tail to taking one piece of food at a time out of his bowl and dropping it on the living room floor.

He thinks he’s a coyote and must howl at the moon (actually the ceiling) in the middle of the night.  He eats cat poop which makes his breath oh-so-lovely when he pants in my face.

But he’s a master of the puppy-dog eyes when he lays his head upon my leg and gazes up at me and his coloring is beautiful.  From a dark strawberry blond along his back (which I wish would have shown more in this picture to add to the palette) to the white fluff on his chest, he’s a stunning neutral palette.  I love the light pink from his tongue added to the brown and beige shades.

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Palette of the Week: Hanging Flowers

Palette 6 Hanging Flowers I’m on vacation in Savannah for another five days and its hot.  And the air is heavy.  And its humid.  And its so very…green.  That’s my inspiration for this week’s palette.

I was in the parking lot at a fast food place and saw a tree with these hanging flowers.  I noticed the way the sunlight made patterns of light and shadow across the blooms and went back to the car to grab my camera and snap a pic.

I’ve not run across flowers like this before and I don’t know what they are.  I’ve often wondered if the blooms open up (and what they’d look like) or if this is their final stage.

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Palette of the Week: Faded Roses

Palette 2 Faded Pink RosesI spent most of my life dismissing pink as being “too girly”.  My mother despaired of ever getting her little tomboy into a frilly pink Easter dress, when all I’d rather wear was sports jerseys and shorts.

Maybe I’m mellowing a bit as I get older or maybe its regret that I didn’t have another child to “try for a girl”.  There’s a whole ‘nother messed up story about that adventure that I’ll write about some time in the future.  But I didn’t have a little princess to put in a frilly pink dress either.

Either way, I’m developing a passion for pink.  Not to wear, because it clashes horrifically with my skin tone.  But if I have an option for a gaming avatar or desktop design on the computer, I find myself unconsciously picking some shade of pink.  Last week, I bought a pack of pens that write in hot pink ink.  I ordered a fuchsia tote bag and a blush pink makeup case.  My weights and yoga mat are pink and even my new running shoes have bright magenta accents.

I have a special fondness for this picture, not only because its pink, but its a photo of the climbing roses my husband gave me for my very first Mother’s Day ten years ago that still bloom every year, all summer long.

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Palette of the Week: Kittens

Palette9 KittensI really like the muted neutrals of this palette and something similar to this is what I’ll use the next time we repaint the interior.

What’s odd is I just realized my current household color scheme are these same shades, only in darker tones:  forest green, cadet blue, and slate gray (with an odd gold or peach thrown in).

The picture is one of our calico’s litters:  Jigsaw, Blondie, Gizmo and Nimrod.  The dog’s dish on the porch was their favorite napping spot and I was able to catch a picture of it one day without them jumping out upon hearing the door open.

Once they became too big for the dish, they started using a flower pot until they were weaned and given to good homes.

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Palette of the Week: Sunflower

Palette 3 SunflowerI can’t see a sunflower and not feel cheerful.  Plus they’re yellow; such a bright and happy color.  I can’t feel blue when sunflowers are around.  They make me smile.

I took this picture one sunny day.  The flowers weren’t quite tall enough, so I took one that I’d cut for a bouquet in the house, held it up to the sky with one hand while holding the camera and taking the picture with the other.

This is my most favorite photo I’ve taken, aside from family pictures.  I not only love the bright colors, but also the way the sunlight plays across the upper petals.

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