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Urban Dictionary

I was trying to find the definition of a phrase I had read in an article on the web one day and happened to end up on the Urban Dictionary site.  I had no idea I would find it so fascinating and the next thing I knew a couple hours had passed.

I found all the terminology either snortingly funny or spot-on accurate at describing something that had no name in our pop culture.  Sometimes both.

I thought I’d share a few of these I found so appropriate to my life:

Link Diving:  The act of clicking further and further from your original subject of research. Commonly related to the popular website  I do this all the time and is often the booksreason for scorched dinners or my slackage in uploading blog posts.

Book Hangover:  When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.  Instant teleports aren’t real?  Crap, I’m back in the real world again.

Man Points:  Points that one receives upon the completion of a distinctly manly task. More often than not, intelligent points and man points are inversely proportional.  Points received for doing stereotypical macho actions like starting a fight with a professional boxer, taunting someone to throw a dart at your face, lighting a fart on fire, or holding a scorching object in your hand for an extended period of time.  My husband is fortunately not as idiotic as the definition, but I do award him man points when he completes something on my Honey-Do List or handles emergency water heater or plumbing issues.

Coupon Karma:  The act of clipping every coupon and leaving them near the item in the store for others to use. The good Karma is returned when others start practicing Coupon Karma as well.  Okay, I’ve never heard of this or ever seen a couple lounging around on grocery shelves, but I think this is a wonderful idea and I may start doing it myself.

Trash Jenga:  When the garbage gets piled so high that you and your roommates carefully place trash on top to form a tower. The one who is unfortunate in having the tower collapse on them is then responsible for taking out the trash.  We play this weekly.  We don’t get garbage pick-up service out here in the country and hauling it off to a “convenience center” is a job my husband dreads and puts off as long as possible.  This results in all the cans outside being full, so we get to play Trash Jenga in the house.

googleGoogle Smart:  When someone has to Google a topic, then post the information, as if they came up with it all on their own.  Google is my best friend.  Really.  My mother is about ready to stage an intervention for me to deal with my Google addiction.  I just can’t help it.  I read something or hear something on the radio or television and just need to know more.  Or I see someone in a movie and have that “what is it I know them from?” moment.  Google!

Update Day:  The one day, usually every month or so, where you finally crack, and update Adobe, Itunes, Steam, and a bunch of other crap all day. Basically renders your computer useless if you are using anything but solitaire.  I’m so guilty of this, but it isn’t just one computer I’m responsible for.  As the “Tech Officer” for our household, I deal with four desktops and two laptops, one smartphone and two Wii(s).  I also update all the virus/malware software and run manual backups to external hard drives.  By 5 p.m. on these days, I’m usually in such a foul mood that Update Day is also known as Pizza Night.

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Saturday 9: Just Give Me a Reason

Saturday 9: Just Give Me a Reason (click here to play along)

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we’ve committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do “random questions,” so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don’t have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today’s meme!  Thanks to Carielle for recommending this great song.

Thanks to our Saturday 9 host, Crazy Sam!

1) When she first burst onto the scene, Pink was a self-proclaimed tomboy. Now she’s glam. Literally. She was on the cover of the June issue of Glamour and is a spokeswoman for Covergirl cosmetics. Does a celebrity endorsement increase your interest in a product?  Absolutely not.  In fact, I think to myself, “the nerve of these celebrities hogging all the prime jobs and taking modeling gigs from those poor models who have no talents (like acting or singing) other than being able to look pretty**”.  And then I promptly forget whatever product was being hawked anyway.

2) This song is about a woman who feels her lover slipping away. Do you believe a couple can repair a relationship once it starts to sour?  Ideally, I would like to think they can.  But in reality, I think people are basically lazy and don’t want to have to “put in work” on a relationship.  Me, cynical?  Maybe.

3) As a little girl, Pink wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. If you could excel (or, if you do excel) at any sport, which one?  Any sport that doesn’t require 20 hours of training a day, let’s you sit down and relax for the bulk of it, and allows you to drink beer during the performance of it.  Got it…bowling.  Nailed it.

4) Pink is married to motorcycle pro Carey Hart. Have you ever ridden really fast on a motorcycle? Once or twice.  Exhilarating, in more ways than one.

5) When she found out she was pregnant, Pink says she gave up whiskey and cigarettes … but admits she misses the whiskey. Do you have a habit you know you should break?  I’ve already broken most of the bad ones I had (drinking, smoking, partying 6 nights a week).  My only real vice left is caffeine and I’ve got that under control now as well, but I’ll never completely banish it.

6) In 2010, she fell out of the aerial harness that was supposed to carry her across the stage. Are you afraid of heights?  Yes, terrified.  But its not a fear of heights, its a fear of falling, relating back to a fall headfirst from a second-story to a cement floor when I was three.  Even less than a foot off the ground, I get shaky and panicked if I don’t have a railing or harness.

7) Pink enjoys showing off her tattoos. Do you have any body art?  Yes, one tattoo currently, commemorating the birth of my son.  I have plans for another as a reward when I reach a certain goal.

8) Pink can be very salty in her language. When was the last time you cursed?  If I’m not cursing, I’m probably not talking.

9) On her website, Pink sells 10 different t-shirts. Do you have a favorite t-shirt? What does it look like/say?  My current favorite is a black “Van Gogh” Exploding Tardis T-shirt.  Yeah, I’m a geek.  I’ve got a coffee cup with River Song’s Melody Malone on it that I’d love to find as a T-shirt.

**Yes, that was sarcasm.  I really don’t give a flip about who’s selling what product.

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The Walking Dead

***May contain spoilers***

My nerd-world just got a bit more diverse.

TWDI’m not a big zombie fan.  I’ve never seen any of Romero’s Living Dead stuff,  28 Days Later, or even Shaun of the Dead.  But over the July 4th holiday weekend AMC was airing a marathon of The Walking Dead and I got sucked in at the beginning episode of season 2.  I went and read up on what I’d missed in the previous season because I just couldn’t seem to figure out the whole Rick, Lori, Shane thing without help.

I’m just starting Season 3 now, but I’m already getting that panicky feeling knowing that as soon as I finish this season, I’ll have to wait until October for new episodes.  Damn it!

DarylI’m a fan of the Boondock Saints movies (yeah, even the second one), so of course, Darryl is my favorite Walking Dead character.  I hope he’s featured a bit more in this season.  I’m finding the Walking Dead to be a bit like Game of Thrones in that you never know when your favorite character is going to get eaten, zombified, or stabbed to death at a wedding.



Okay, I finished Season 3 and I really wasn’t all that torn up about Lori, since I wasn’t a big fan anyway.  But, OMG, The Governor is The Next Doctor!!!

No, I don’t mean the next doctor after Matt Smith, but Jackson Lake (David Morrissey) from the 10th Doctor’s Next Doctor special with cybermen and Miss Hartigan.  I went all totally fangirl, even though he was playing a whack-job bad guy (I was secretly hoping for either a redemption or for Martinez to blow him away after the massacre).

Now I’m so excited for Season 4!

P.S. – Its amazing how one can wake up at 4 a.m. and nearly piss themselves in terror because of how much one smallish cocker spaniel’s snoring sounds exactly like one of the zombie’s breathing…Not that its ever happened to me, of course.

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Anti-Chick Flick

I can name on one-hand the number of chick flicks I would have in my DVD collection…they just aren’t my thing and I’m not real big on horror (slasher) either.  I love comedies though, especially 80’s, Mel Brooks or Monty Python.  But that’s still not the main course.  Action/Adventure/Mystery is more my speed.  As a matter of fact, I was once told by a guy friend that I had the ultimate man’s man movie collection.

Movies 1I know its not really really politically correct to refer back to the gender stereotypes, but I would say my favorite movies are more in line with choices a male might make compared to a female.  My DVD shelf includes a lot of gangster movies, just about every movie directed by or featuring Quentin Tarantino, collections of James Bond, Matrix, Fast & Furious, and the El Mariachi trilogy.

Movies 2I also have quite the collection of serial killer flicks:  Summer of Sam, the whole menagerie of Hannibal Lecter, Seven, Zodiac, Natural Born Killers, Copycat, the Alphabet Killer, Murder by Numbers, and so many more.  Westerns and war movies aren’t high on my list, but I did love Full Metal Jacket.

Something I have noticed about my collection is that I am prejudiced in the movies I invest in.  I’m not a big fan of the black & white classics, at least not enough to buy them.   With the advent of streaming movies on the computer and Netflix, its cheaper to watch those the one time instead of purchasing them.  I’ve also been upgrading my collection to DVD/Blu-Ray.  Several of the older James Bond movies I still had on VHS cassette, which go into  storage box as I replace them.

What’s interesting (and may say a lot for the dynamic of our marriage), is that my husband’s favorite movie is Titanic.  I’ve seen it once and fell asleep.  I have no desire to see it again.  So, what’s the three “chick flicks” I actually bought?  Steel Magnolias, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Fried Green Tomatoes.

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Teaching Old Dogs…

I’ve always been an information junkie and I love learning new things.  Many times over the past few years I’ve mentioned that I’d like to go take some classes at the local community college.  It was never the right time or we didn’t really have the funds to spare.  Another issue was that there wasn’t a specific area of study I was interested in and they tend to frown on admitting people that just wish to take courses at random.

Then a few months ago I ran across an article about MOOCs (massive open online courses).  There were links to a few sites that offered these classes and I decided to check them out.  What I thought would be a cursory scan ended up taking several hours.

There’s a wide variety of courses offered, taught by professors from esteemed institutions, both private colleges and state universities.  You can take one class or fifteen and you don’t have to specify a “major” or work towards a specific degree.  Best of all…they’re free and I can go to class in my pajamas.  So I signed up and registered for a few classes.

I’m currently enrolled in two classes, with another one starting this upcoming Monday and I’ve been really enjoying myself so far.  There are some hard deadlines for certain quizzes or assignments, so its not a self-study, go-at-your-own-pace kind of thing.  But its flexible in that I can watch the lectures, read materials, or complete assignments at any point before the deadline instead of being stuck in a classroom for a specific four hours a week.

These aren’t “fluff” classes either.  I learned very quickly in my first week that multi-tasking during the lectures wasn’t a good idea.  I’ve had to dust off note-taking and critical-thinking skills that I haven’t used in the past thirteen years.  And I love it.

There are a few websites I’ve found, but the one I’m using currently is Coursera.  The basic classes are available at no charge, there are no text book costs (at least for the classes I’m taking), and they seem to have a wide variety of class types.

There’s also edX and Udacity for no-cost classes.  Udemy is a bit different.  There is a small-to-moderate fee for each class and I think all the classes are self-paced.

If you’re like me and love to learn just for learning’s sake or a mommy that hasn’t used her brain for anything more strenuous than deciding between beef or pork for dinner in the past ten years, you might want to check into these types of online classes.

Dazed and Confused

Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along).

Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic: If you were going to make a mix for a friend in the Seventies what would it contain? This is NOT a best of. This is If You Were You, in the seventies, and You Were Making A Mix Tape For A Friend (on any topic) What Would It Be?

For a few years in the mid 2000’s, I was a DJ for an internet radio station that ran blocks of themed music.  So for my time slot on Saturday evenings I picked classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.  I was comfortable and knowledgeable with that genre, so it was a really enjoyable time for me.  My all-time favorite show I did was one I built around the music of the movie Dazed and Confused.


I listen to this type of music so often that my son, who takes after his father in preferring country music, has taken a liking to it and requests this soundtrack when I’m chauffeuring him around.  So, even though the movie didn’t come out until 1993, I’m dedicating this twisted mixtape to the music featured in the movie which was all released between 1972-1975.

It wasn’t until I was doing some research on Dazed and Confused that I realized how many stars of today were in this movie as virtual unknowns:  Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Parker Posey, Rory Cochrane and my favorite, Matthew McConaughey and his now iconic phrase (used in quite a few of his movies) “Alright. Alright. Alright.”.  I was surprised to learn the story behind how and when he came up with the phrase for the movie.

1.  Free Ride – Edgar Winter Group (released 1972).  Wow.  There’s just no mistaking the guitar intro.  Just wow.

2.  Stranglehold – Ted Nugent (1975).  I’ve been trying to post videos with the original recordings, even if I had to sacrifice video for it, but in this case, this live version from about five years ago is just so mind-blowingly kickass, I had to use it.  So sue me.  Interesting fact I learned while finding a video:  Ted Nugent didn’t sing the vocals on the release of this song, it was Derek St. Holmes.

3.  No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper (1973).  I was watching the Dark Shadows movie several days ago and saw Alice Cooper had a cameo performing this song.  That’s what led me to the idea of doing this mixtape for one of the 70’s blogs.  But back to Dazed and Confused, I loved the way they used this song in the movie and I can never hear it without thinking of that poor kid getting paddled by Ben Affleck (among others).  By the way, if you ever come across the cover of this song by Pat Boone…run.  Its so very, very wrong.  I’m still trying not to stab myself in the ears with a pencil.

4.  Show Me The Way – Peter Frampton (1975).  Talk-box!

5.  Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973).  In the movie, they used this song during “the morning after” and now I get that “morning after” feeling every time I hear it.  What would a 70’s mixtape be without a little Skynyrd?

Honorable Mention:  The Hurricane – Bob Dylan (1975).  Not only is it Bob Dylan, but there’s an interesting story about this song.


I’ll admit it…I’m a geek with nerdish tendencies.  I was a geek before being a geek was cool.  But I’m a selective geek.

I’m not a fan of comic books or superheroes.  Xbox/PS games I can take or leave.  My special brand of geekery is primarily science fiction and paranormal series and books.

I’ve been waiting with baited breath each week for the newest Game of Thrones, almost in tears that Doctor Who is only days away from this season’s finale and salivating in anticipation of the new Johnathan Rhys Meyers Dracula series.  I’m also loving the new series on SyFy, Defiance, and having geekgasms that Klaus and Company from Vampire Diaries are getting their own spinoff series.

My Kindle runneth over with paranormal book series.  Witches, Werewolves and Vampires.  Oh My!  I keep a folder of author pages bookmarked that I check every few months for new titles.  My Amazon wishlist has books that have release dates up to a year in the future.  Every Tuesday morning, before my coffee, before email or facebook, I hit up Amazon and download the newest releases for that day.  That’s a level of geekdom I’m almost ashamed to admit.  Almost.