What has been revealed so far:

  • Self-proclaimed Queen of the Run-On Sentence.
  • The “…” (ellipsis) is my BFF.
  • I often makeup words to fit my needs.
  • Proper grammar is optional in my world.  I will violate any grammar rule with extreme prejudice if it means I can express a thought or idea better in my “voice”.
  • I’m a geek with nerdish tendencies.  I geek out over:  science fiction and paranormal books and tv shows, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, books featuring witches, werewolves and vampires.  Most recently I’ve become a fan of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.
  • I hate the outdoors.
  • I have tender feet.
  • Other than food, water, and shelter…music is also vital to my existence.

Why I dream of white rooms:

  • I’m the proud owner of one husband and one son that think magic elves sneak in to clean things when they aren’t looking.
  • Any white surfaces in my house are streaked/smudged with dirt and/or grease from the rest of my mechanically inclined family.
  • On a metaphysical level, the Dream Bible says, “I’m seeking mental, emotional and spiritual balance and trying to overcome negativity in my waking life.”

Why I use a pseudonym:

  • Primarily because I want the freedom to express myself without reprisals from family or neighbors in the very small community I where I live.
  • A prior blogging experience where I revealed some minor personal information about our lives resulted in some unwelcome attention from a reader.  I won’t put my family at risk in that manner again.

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