Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along).  Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic:

As everyone is looking forward to a New Year and talking about resolutions, this week’s them will be Past Mistakes (not necessarily love related;-))

While Jen says our Past Mistakes don’t necessarily have to be love-related, it seems most of mine are.  I try to live without regrets and often say that without my past, I wouldn’t have arrived at this particular present.  But in actuality, on those restless, sleepless nights, my past plays like a silent movie through my brain and the weight of some of the choices I’ve made makes it hard to breathe at times.  Letting go of the past is a lot easier said than done.

1.  He Wasn’t Man Enough – Toni Braxton.  There’s the mistake of being the “other woman”, however unintentionally.  I feel this one needs a bit of explanation.  I was dating a guy (after specifically asking if he was single) and after a few weeks, found out he was engaged.  I immediately kicked him out of my house, into a rainstorm and him without a car no less.  He apparently had to call his fiancee to come pick him up, who then came beating down my door for being a “skank trying to steal her man”.  She finally got the picture after explaining I was lied to and that’s why he was dumped out into the rain as soon as he confessed.

2.  Soulmate – Natasha Bedingfield.  The mistake of missing out on a good man that was right in front of me.

3.  Caroline Says II – Lou Reed.  Then there is the mistake of the man who should have been avoided.

4.  One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood.   Mistakes of excessive alcohol use causing me to lose my job, my car and my home.

5.  Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Isaak.  Then there are some mistakes that will hopefully remain secret, never to see the light of day again, especially on this blog.

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  1. Louise

    I haven’t thought of Toni Braxton in years! But I did remember the song after a bit … I didn’t know the Lou Reed one – gooseflesh there.

    A good mix – and yes – I think some mistakes certainly should stay secret. Over and done.

    • Dream

      I don’t know what happened to her musically, but I know she filed bankruptcy a couple times and now has some kind of reality show with her family.

    • Dream

      Thanks dude. What I take from it is everyone makes mistakes, its when you don’t learn from them that you have a problem.

    • Dream

      He’s very easy on the eyes, but I could’ve done without the purple shirt AND pants combo in this video. Reminded me of Barney the dinosaur, which in turn had the I Love You, You Love Me song repetitively boring into my skull.

  2. Jen

    This was good. Really good. How strange that so many of us can say the same. I commend you for saying them out loud.
    Do you remember Chris Isaak’s album San Francisco Days? Man I wore that out…. I’m not sure I’m done doing bad things when I see him…

    • Dream

      Thanks! I tried not to overshare in the post, but let the music tell the story. I’ve never actually “owned” a Chris Isaak album/tape/cd, but I’ve gotten a few of his individual tunes (plus there’s always YouTube). I’ll have to check it out now that you’ve mentioned it.

  3. Lizzy - Muddle-Headed Mamma

    Oh wow – number one is horrible – you poor thing. You’re right, he definitely wasn’t man enough. I’ve been there too, but not in such a dramatic way with the girl involved, I haven’t heard Toni Braxton for a while! and Chris Isaak – love him!