Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along).  Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic:

Kerri from Undiagnosed but Okay. She said,  how about a “this song could’ve sent me to jail?” I was intrigued, but needed more. Hmmm let’s see the Doors come on baby get higher:)Or Carrie Underwood doing a little grand larceny beating up her boyfriends truck? Blondie gets arrested after seeing Aliens in Rapture Or even to be funnier: Joe Cocker you can leave your hat on, so if I left just my hat on I would be arrested for indecent exposure.

When I first saw this topic in the list several weeks ago, I dreaded it.  But the more I thought about it, the clearer it became that I could use some of my favorite hip hop/rap songs from the 80’s and beyond.  Funny thing though, once I settled on that genre, it seemed to fit all the topics of the weeks between that I had to look somewhere else for songs since I knew this one was coming soon.


WARNING:  Explicit subject matter and lyrics!!!!


1.  Regulate – Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg.  Starting out the night, just cruising along, when all of a sudden, I roll up on a buddy gettin’ a beatdown.  You know I gotta handle that shit, right?

2.  Kush – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg and Akon.  After all the excitement, even a badass needs to chill with a little sumpin’ sumpin’.  Inhale…exhale.

3.  White Lines (Don’t Do It) – Grandmaster Melle Mel.  Too much smoke needs a little pick-me-up after.  (I actually prefer the Duran Duran version with both Melle Mel and Grandmaster Flash, but in keeping with the more hip hop genre, I went with the original.)

4.  99 Problems – Jay Z.  Rollin’ with all this weed and blow in the car and it never fails you get pulled over by the cops.  Luckily, I know my rights and I’m not gonna let them search my car.

5. Trapped – 2Pac.  A shootout, a police chase and now trapped in a corner facing that jail time.  What to do?

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  1. Louise

    I have a soft spot for Tupac – didn’t know this one though. As for 99 problems – yeah, I remember that one and have to admit it’s catchy. Nice mix for the theme. Have to admit, I didn’t know enough of this type of music to pull it off – so thanks!

    • Dream

      I don’t know a lot about the genre as a whole, but I do have a few favorites and the Tupac was one of the first ones to come to mind for the week.

  2. Alicia

    I feel the urge to roll a fatty, go out and regulate, and run from the cops. That would be totally kosher with a 9 month old in the back seat right? Just call me parent of the year. LOL Loved your choices of songs! I almost included regulate in mine. Still know every single word.

    • Dream

      GangstaMoms! Regulate is probably my most favorite 90’s hip hop/rap song. I knew right off I’d be including it on my mix with the Tupac.

    • Dream

      I need to go back and watch it. I had a different one to use originally, then I noticed the title bar had it wrongly accredited to Grandmaster Flash and I had to find another one with Melle Mel. Its a technical distinction, based on how it was released, but it drives me crazy.

  3. Lance

    Like them all and the fact you included white lines is great.

    Now I’ll be pumping Regulate and White Lines all day…holla

    • Dream

      This is the list I was going to use Ice-T’s Colors on and changed it out for White Lines after you used it.
      ~Geek off the street.

  4. Jen

    Perfect! I think I used White Lines in the 80’s I just LOVE that song, but back in the 80’s when I was singing it out loud I didn’t even give the topic a second thought. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I knew what it was about but I didn’t think of the implications 🙂 I wondered if someone would go gangsta! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Dream

      I’m more of a music first kinda girl. The beat, the bass, the guitar is what will draw me to a song first and I can get lost in that before I even listen to the words. So there are a lot of things I jam to before I even realize what the song is about. Happy Turkey day to you also!

  5. Steve

    I forgot how much I liked Regulate….just hit the east side on the LBC on a mission trying to find Mr Warren G….or something lilke that lol.

  6. elinwaldal

    Now I have serious dance move envy…I have two left feet and the people in White Lines and 99 Problems put me to serious shame. Clearly you know this music genre, your choices all work really well with the theme.

    • Dream

      I used to love to dance, but I look nothing like the video dancers while doing it. I don’t really know a lot about the genre, but the choices I make have to resonate with me before I use them in a mixtape.

  7. Marcy

    I don’t usually listen to hip hop, but I liked checking these out. I liked hearing 99 Problems, since I’d heard a lot about it. My teens kept wandering over checking out what I was listening to.

  8. Rich Rumple

    Dre, Tupac, Warren G … now that’s stuff I did listen to. I will listen to a little Jay-Z every now and then, but it’s getting less and less time around the house. Well done mix!

    • Dream

      There’s only a couple Jay-Z that I can name, this one and Empire State of Mind. It seemed the more rap moved towards “gangsta”, the less I listened to it.