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Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along). Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic:

Songs that are scary. FOR ANY REASON. Halloween is a few days away. Are they scary because of the words, what the band looks like, because it’s just so darn bad??

I had a bit of difficulty with this week’s theme because I was trying to think of scary lyrics and it just wasn’t working.  Nothing was coming to mind (of course, I’ll think of at least 100 as soon as I click “Publish”).  So I crumbled and took the easy way out by using the songs I knew that had disturbing, scary, gruesome or just plain creepy as hell videos.

**NSFW!!  These may not be the songs that you want your co-workers, toddlers or puppies to hear.

1.  There There – Radiohead.  This one is creepy in a fairy tale sort of way.  Masterfully done, but still spooky.

2.  Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden.  Smiling people are disturbing enough, but when they start morphing…heebie jeebies!

3.  Prison Sex – Tool.  Several Tool videos could have been used on this list, but I limited it to one.

4.  Beautiful People – Marilyn MansonManson presence alone qualifies for this list, but all the medical aspects of the video make it really scary.

5.  Closer – Nine Inch NailsThere’s so much in this video that counts as disturbing, but number one for me…bugs.  Thank you, no.  Next please.


6.  Bohemian Rhapsody – Puscifer.  Really, what could be scarier than MJK and Dina Martina?  Strangely, video aside, I love this version.

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    • Dream

      Prison Sex is the song title, the group is Tool. And Miley’s twerking is way scarier than anything Tool could come up with.

  1. Richard Rumple

    “I wanna ___ you like an animal”… who can ever forget the harshness and drive in those lyrics? You’ve made a great list here! I haven’t listened to Tool in years. “Sober” got me and many others kept me a fan for years. Bought the recent Soundgarden cd, but haven’t really given it much of a chance. I’ve drifted away from heavy metal temporarily, as I’ve gone more to blues as a recent fav. That will change soon as I’ll grow tired of that, I’m sure. Good job!

    • Dream

      It took a long time for me to even realize that the name of the song was Closer. Sober was my first favorite as well, but I’d used it on one of my previous lists. My musical preferences usually change even from morning to afternoon, but lately I’ve been in a 90s groove. I’ve been listening to a lot of Soundgarden-ish bands.

  2. Lance

    I’m glad I read your list yesterday before doing mine this morning because we would have had three songs the same so I had to rethink mine. Same minds, dude, that should worry you.

    I love your choices.

    Happy Halloween

    • Dream

      Funny you mention that because you’re the one person I always think might have a similar list to mine. There’s been a few times over the weeks I’ve had to replace a song or two last minute after seeing your post. Doesn’t worry me a bit, in fact, its validation of good musical taste. Hope you and the fam have a great Halloween!

  3. SAM

    I contemplated the greats–KISS, Manson, Cooper, Ozzie, and decided that Slip Knot is way scarier. I like your list!

  4. Angel the Alien

    I don’t know if this is true, but I remember when I was a kid someone told me that when “Black Hole Sun” was written, one of the members of the band had a pregnant girlfriend and he wasn’t happy about it… according to the story I heard, the original lyrics were “Wash away my son.” I have no idea if this was true because I was about twelve years old and the person who told me this was ten.

  5. Jen

    This is a great list, let me tell you though that last song really takes the cake. All in all, this has been one of those mixtapes I’m not so glad my son is sitting next to me for! Great take!

  6. Louise

    Is it weird that I think the Tool dolly is kinda cute?

    I’ve always loved that Manson song – I think it’s also because it reminds me of a specific group of people and a trip I took – but such a good song (and good when I need some angry music!).

    Regarding Closer – it’s funny, I just watched that video a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out where to go with the “spirituality” theme. Agreed – creepy video. And eesh re: the faces in Black Hole Sun.

    All in all – love your list!

    • Dream

      Thanks! Yeah, I can take the beating hearts, the bugs, and the gore, but those morphing faces in the Soundgarden video are the scariest to me.

  7. Quickstepp

    Love your take on this and all of those videos. I think if I were stuck listening to one type of music for the rest of my life, it would be 90s alt rock. Thankfully I don’t have to make that choice.
    I remember when Black Hole Sun came on MTV every 10 minutes. And my brother and I still talk about the Tool videos.

    • Dream

      I go through phases with music, but seldom do I wear a genre completely out to where I never want to hear it again. So, I’m with you that we’re not stuck with one (though 90s alt rock would probably be my choice too).

  8. elleroy was here (@modmomelleroy)

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Marilyn Manson. Thank you. And yes! That NIN tune and video is tres creepy too. Ooh…Black Hole Sun is a great choice and you know what I forgot about but somehow BHS made me think of? GunsNRoses “November Rain”. Remember that video?

  9. Alison McGaughey (@Rural_Rose)

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my post (the one about some of Concrete Blonde’s spookier songs)! They have so much other great material, about love and life, and not just the spooky stuff, but I thought they were an appropriate choice.
    Good choices for this list! I love “There, There” and had always found it slightly disturbing; had never seen the video ’til now. I still think “Black Hole Sun” is a great song even if I have no idea what it’s about, and I still think the video is kind of disjointed from the song– like, nobody knew what the songs was really about, so they didn’t know what to do with the video, either. I can’t even watch that Tool video because I remember being so freaked by it at the time–*shudder*.
    Alison (