Palette of the Week: Furball

Dog palette

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Here’s the adorable little furball that’s the bane of my existence.  He requires, no DEMANDS, more of my attention than my son has in all his various phases growing up.

The problem is he knows how cute he is, so he gets away with everything.  From running through the house like he has a tin can tied to his docked tail to taking one piece of food at a time out of his bowl and dropping it on the living room floor.

He thinks he’s a coyote and must howl at the moon (actually the ceiling) in the middle of the night.  He eats cat poop which makes his breath oh-so-lovely when he pants in my face.

But he’s a master of the puppy-dog eyes when he lays his head upon my leg and gazes up at me and his coloring is beautiful.  From a dark strawberry blond along his back (which I wish would have shown more in this picture to add to the palette) to the white fluff on his chest, he’s a stunning neutral palette.  I love the light pink from his tongue added to the brown and beige shades.

Dream Sig 3