Palette of the Week: Hanging Flowers

Palette 6 Hanging Flowers I’m on vacation in Savannah for another five days and its hot.  And the air is heavy.  And its humid.  And its so very…green.  That’s my inspiration for this week’s palette.

I was in the parking lot at a fast food place and saw a tree with these hanging flowers.  I noticed the way the sunlight made patterns of light and shadow across the blooms and went back to the car to grab my camera and snap a pic.

I’ve not run across flowers like this before and I don’t know what they are.  I’ve often wondered if the blooms open up (and what they’d look like) or if this is their final stage.

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    • Dream

      Greens and yellows definitely scream “spring” to me, but I’m kinda picky about my greens. Some I love, some I hate.