Little Pink Rooms

pink room

~photo credit to Liquid Sky Arts (creative commons license)

While my ultimate in fantasy interior design is the unfeasible “white room”, I also get in moods of whimsy where I’d love to have a girly-girl room such as this.

But I can’t.

See, my husband isn’t fond of the color pink.  More like he dislikes it.  Okay, well he really, really, hates it.

I mean really.

It was actually in the marriage vows that I’d never use the color pink in any decor in our shared home.  I didn’t really like pink anyway.  My preferred shades are jewel tones: blues, maroons, greens, golds.

But as time passes, things change.  My general outlook towards life has mellowed, as have my design sensibilities.  Or maybe they’ve just broadened (like my post-childbearing figure).

But one day…when I get my office reclaimed and I can redecorate, I think I may just make it my own super-girly space where I can occasionally indulge my hidden feminine side.

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  1. katecrimmins

    Before I was married I had a somewhat girly bedroom. Big pink cabbage roses on the wallpaper with lace curtains. It reminded me of my grandmother’s house so I always felt safe and homey there. Now I have linen textured blue wallpaper in my bedroom with off-white paneled wall frames on the bottom. I have sneaked in some red flowery swags. Not girly though.

    • Dream

      I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with peeling wallpaper and I try to stay away from it. Plus I prefer simple to patterns, so I usually use a bi-colored paint scheme, broken up by a chair-rail. One day…when I win the Powerball lottery…I’ll hire a decorator. 😉