Palette of the Week: Faded Roses

Palette 2 Faded Pink RosesI spent most of my life dismissing pink as being “too girly”.  My mother despaired of ever getting her little tomboy into a frilly pink Easter dress, when all I’d rather wear was sports jerseys and shorts.

Maybe I’m mellowing a bit as I get older or maybe its regret that I didn’t have another child to “try for a girl”.  There’s a whole ‘nother messed up story about that adventure that I’ll write about some time in the future.  But I didn’t have a little princess to put in a frilly pink dress either.

Either way, I’m developing a passion for pink.  Not to wear, because it clashes horrifically with my skin tone.  But if I have an option for a gaming avatar or desktop design on the computer, I find myself unconsciously picking some shade of pink.  Last week, I bought a pack of pens that write in hot pink ink.  I ordered a fuchsia tote bag and a blush pink makeup case.  My weights and yoga mat are pink and even my new running shoes have bright magenta accents.

I have a special fondness for this picture, not only because its pink, but its a photo of the climbing roses my husband gave me for my very first Mother’s Day ten years ago that still bloom every year, all summer long.

Dream Sig 3


  1. Lance

    I like what you did here and I’m really surprised how much I liked each version. Covers are hit and miss with me.

    • Dream

      (Assuming you meant to post this on the Twisted Mixtape post) For every cover I enjoy and save to my collection, there’s at least 20 I don’t. So I’m picky when it comes to them as well.