Angry White Girl Gym Music

Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along).

Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic: If you were going to make a mix for a friend in the Nineties, what would it contain? This is NOT a best of. This is If You Were You, in the 90′s, and You Were Making A Mix Tape For A Friend (on any topic) What Would It Be?

Before I get into the “meat” of this post, let me warn you up front…the language in this post, in the songs’ lyrics and the material featured in the videos is most definitely NSFW…Not Safe for Work, or small children, or pets, or house plants, or anyone easily offended by language or controversial subject matters.  You’ve been warned.  Proceed at your own risk.

Its hard to believe that music from the 90’s is at least 13-22 years old.  But its my go-to music for putting my “bitch-face” on while working out and especially the monotonous hours each week I spend on cardio machines.  Step-step-step-step-step-step…and so on.  Without further ado, this week’s 90’s Part 2 theme is my must-haves in Gym Music.

1.  Sober – Tool (1993).  I usually start off on the treadmill to this one as a warm-up.  It gets me in that snarly mood I need for the brutal, sweaty hour to follow.  I realize I used Tool in last week’s 90’s Part 1 also, but they’re just that damn good.  And this is one of my favorite 90’s songs.  And its my blog.  So suck it. (See, angry mood).

2.  Machinehead – Bush (1996).  More angry music with a great beat.

3.  Stupify – Disturbed (recorded 1999).  Okay, I’m taking license (cheating) with this one.  It was recorded in late 1999, but not released until 2000, but I’m counting it as part of my 90’s line-up because its another one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands and also because it probably won’t fit in with next week’s theme.  So, I’m pretending I got a bootleg copy of it before it was released and its such a kickass tune that I have to share it on my friend’s mixtape.  I’m such a rebel.  The original version of this song is amazing as is, but I came across a remix with a little bit of techno thrown in that is great for my workouts.

4.  Bawitdaba – Kid Rock (1999).  I mentioned in one of my previous MixTapes from the 80’s that I developed an obsession for meshing rock and rap, so I had to include some early Kid Rock.  Gotta love the man that made it cool to be white trash partying with hookers and blow.

5.  Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit (1999).  Here’s another one that was recorded, played live, video aired and won awards in 1999 before the song was ever released in 2000, so I’m including it.  I’m not a Limp Bizkit fan in general, but I do love this song.

Bonus Track:

Firestarter – The Prodigy (1996).  Not quite in the same genre as my other choices, but its the most motivational song when I’m ready to go full-out, beyond my limits.

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  1. Lance

    Uh, no Rage Against The Machine?

    People underestimate us angry white people and our love of a violent sounding workout music.

    • Dream

      There’s plenty of Rage in my gym list (Bullet in the Head, Bulls on Parade, Sleep Now in the Fire, etc.), but since I just used them last week and will probably use them again in the future, I gave them the week off to highlight some of the other 90’s groups I love.

      Seems most of my friends’ musical tastes mellow as we get older and mine just keeps rocking on. I’ve definitely gotta go hard during workouts or I get lazy.

  2. Clark Scottroger

    …yeah. liked the Limp Bizkit.

    damn, Lance…. you reminded me that I didn’t include any Rage in (either of) my lists. I think that seeing it in last week’s list did something. Already have the Doctrine list in, hell now that I see this in print, I think I will do a illegal swap.

    hey, Dream sorry about the sideways stream-of-consciousness on your Post…lol

    • Dream

      I like SoC…actually, I should do more SoC writing. Go for it. Fight the Man, break the rules, live free. I would have said something similar, even if I hadn’t already seen your addition to your own blog.

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  4. GirlieOnTheEdge

    “Luv, luv, luv” post title. You could pump some fine iron to this set. lol The only kind of music to listen to while working out…the “angry”, fun” kind. High energy produces high energy!

    • Dream

      Thanks, I usually agonize over the titles, but this one just came naturally. I’m sure both the lunkheads and the silver sneaker crew would be shocked at what’s going on in my iPod as we all go through our morning routines.

  5. Clark Scottroger

    @ Dream and @Girlie

    I am *so* getting a visual of the mis-matched (but oddly coherent) outfit’*

    damn! the things that (male) clarks missed, being genetically prohibited from going to a ‘real’ gym.

    *80’s Olivia with a Los Lobos bandana… (a little ink) and cut-offs …both jeans and boots lol

  6. troy P.

    This was a phenomenal list, and a scene that I’m none to sure got enough credit (Lord knows it didn’t even show up on my list – bad troy, bad, bad, troy!) Thanks for making me “suck it” this week =)

    • Dream

      For me, music has its time and place. This list is certainly not for driving the kiddo to school, but its perfect gym warrior tunes.

  7. Jen

    Dude. This is some wacko hard core crazy person on a treadmill stuff. Love that this is where you go for the 90’s. I am still BLOWN away by the fact that everyone’s 90’s take is soooo different. I’d like to say I’ve listened to at least one of these songs but I’d be lying. So thanks, I think? Looking forward to next week!

    • Dream

      I know this list won’t be for everyone, but this (classic heavy, industrial, alternative, or progressive metal) is about as hardcore as I go. There won’t be any black or death metal, screamo, or speed lists, though there might be a few singular exceptions. I’ve heard them, but it just hasn’t seemed to resonate with my tastes. I’ve also got a few symphonic/cello metal band favorites that will probably makes an appearance in the future.

  8. quickstepp

    Yep! I love a great angry song at the gym. That and for some reason a bit of rap….it’s the only time i really ever listen to it. Rage, Tool, Pantera, etc. just get you going. So glad you included Firestarter. Fat of the Land is a great workout album!

    • Dream

      Yeah, I have a separate Gym playlist with rap and hip hop on it that I bust out every couple of weeks or so (when I’m in the mood for it) with some Ice T, Jay Z, Three 6, Nas, etc. Its still angry, just a different genre of angry.

  9. Kristi Campbell

    Oh now I so wish I put Machinehead on my list today! It’s amazing how much 90’s music I forget exists until I hear it and remember how much I still love it. I love working out to the angry white girl gym music too. It helps. When I listen to it driving though, I have to watch myself from going too fast.

    • Dream

      I’m guilty too. The more I like a song, the more I get into it and the faster I drive (without even being aware of it).

  10. Slu

    Dreamer… Don’t be so angry!!! Or, maybe I should get angry and get back into the gym (lol).

    An angry list to be sure, but it’s all good. Enjoy your workouts… sounds like you are very dedicated, Slu

  11. Jak

    Alrighty, first some notes from the first half which was blocked for comments after time, because I move at the speed of an injured/amputee turtle.

    I love all the listed bands, but I wanted to specifically point out how shocked I was to see Clawfinger on the list. How the hell did you ever hear of those guys, because no one I ever grew up with or knew has ever heard of them. I used to buy CDs randomly based on name, title, and/or cover to discover new artists. Clawfinger (Non-Point, Day One among some others) was one of these bands. I always liked to find new music before other friends, it was a running “game” between friends and I.

    My ultimate “win” was beating the main individual bragging about “discovering” music attempting to claim to be the first to introduce Sevendust to the group (granted the were on the radio at the time), but I said he was mistaken and if he knew their band name before then. He didn’t and I told him it was Crawlspace (as I am a soundtrack collector they were featured on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack with “My Ruin”), but had to change it due to it already being in use (or some such). Sevendust would have been a great feature for some angry gym music too 😉

    Mainly I wanted to state that, while I was very active with those artists during the time, I never delved more into any significant meaning behind the music (except Rage Against the Machine). It was more of a rock out, drink and party type scenario. It’s interesting how over time you become more appreciative of music, and realize the basis of some of the underlying messages behind it all.

    As for your angry white girl gym music… some more great selections. This was my official heyday of high school and partying with friends and going to concerts. My first being significant as it featured many of my favorite bands at the time (and some still are) Korn, Filter, Everclear, etc. To be honest, I feel this era would supply an abundance of music I could work out too. If I had a smartphone or ipod I’d fill it up with many of these artists. I wouldn’t have known which bands to feature during this period, because there would be simply way too many to pick from!

    Your Kid Rock selection is one of the only songs I care for (that I can recollect), and the love for it was strengthened ten fold when it was used in the season premiere of The Shield (which I still need to finish, as I am only on S3). Seeing him live, however, made me believe he suffers from minor amnesia and/or Alzheimers disease, because I swear he has to say his name (sometimes repeatedly) in every single one of his songs. It’s like he has to continually remind himself who the fuck he is. Soooooo annoying.

    And not sure how to exactly say this, but I thought you were black 🙂

    Great lists for the 90’s! Curious to see what everyone picks for the new (current) millennium.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    • Dream

      I was a DJ for an internet radio “station” in the mid-00’s and a fellow DJ introduced me to Clawfinger. I’m not a big fan, but I do love Warfair. I also have Sevendust on my gym list, but its more from their 00’s catalog and didn’t fit the 90’s theme.

      I know exactly what you mean about Kid Rock and its one of the most irritating things about his earlier music. His “repetition” of various phrases (Devil Without a Cause, American Badass, etc.) throughout most every song was annoying. Think up some more lyrics dude.

      As far as my new millennium picks, week 1 is posted under the title Cover to Cover (hey, guess what? its about covers!).