Palette of the Week: Kittens

Palette9 KittensI really like the muted neutrals of this palette and something similar to this is what I’ll use the next time we repaint the interior.

What’s odd is I just realized my current household color scheme are these same shades, only in darker tones:  forest green, cadet blue, and slate gray (with an odd gold or peach thrown in).

The picture is one of our calico’s litters:  Jigsaw, Blondie, Gizmo and Nimrod.  The dog’s dish on the porch was their favorite napping spot and I was able to catch a picture of it one day without them jumping out upon hearing the door open.

Once they became too big for the dish, they started using a flower pot until they were weaned and given to good homes.

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      Very cute to look at. Not so cute when they all charge the door when you open it to attempt to sneak into the house. Keeping them out was like…well, like trying to herd cats.

      The momma cat’s next litter that followed this one, she produced the exact same colors (one blonde/orange, one solid black, one black and white and one calico) only the calico was a rare male mutation.

    • Dream

      I pick the palettes by using the color selector tool in Photoshop (Gimp probably has something similar). I just keep trying different colors in the photos to work with the palette I’m building. There’s a box in the color tool that gives the shade’s numerical value. This is the manual method of building a palette, but there are also websites where you can link to a photo you have uploaded and it will build the palette for you. Google can probably find the most popular ones.