Palette of the Week: Sunflower

Palette 3 SunflowerI can’t see a sunflower and not feel cheerful.  Plus they’re yellow; such a bright and happy color.  I can’t feel blue when sunflowers are around.  They make me smile.

I took this picture one sunny day.  The flowers weren’t quite tall enough, so I took one that I’d cut for a bouquet in the house, held it up to the sky with one hand while holding the camera and taking the picture with the other.

This is my most favorite photo I’ve taken, aside from family pictures.  I not only love the bright colors, but also the way the sunlight plays across the upper petals.

Dream Sig 3


  1. Jak

    That is a pretty good pic for having taken it in the way you described!

    Can’t say I’ve ever been affected by a sunflower, but maybe its because I’ve never been up close and personal with one? Not personal like… “Hey baby, how you doing?” just never IRL. It’s always on TV or in a picture.

    Also: Yellow, brown, and orange are not colors I’m usually drawn to. I’ve heard [spiritually] this may be a bad thing. Perhaps I’m a “bad apple” dun Dun DUN!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  2. Dream

    Thanks, sometimes you have to do strange contortions to get the shots you envision in your mind. I was laying in one of my fields one time to take a floral macro and unknowingly (soon knowingly) laid right on an anthill. Fun times.

    Brown and orange are definitely not in my top 10 of colors, though they’re tolerable mixed with other colors for that whole harvesty “fall” feeling.