The Walking Dead

***May contain spoilers***

My nerd-world just got a bit more diverse.

TWDI’m not a big zombie fan.  I’ve never seen any of Romero’s Living Dead stuff,  28 Days Later, or even Shaun of the Dead.  But over the July 4th holiday weekend AMC was airing a marathon of The Walking Dead and I got sucked in at the beginning episode of season 2.  I went and read up on what I’d missed in the previous season because I just couldn’t seem to figure out the whole Rick, Lori, Shane thing without help.

I’m just starting Season 3 now, but I’m already getting that panicky feeling knowing that as soon as I finish this season, I’ll have to wait until October for new episodes.  Damn it!

DarylI’m a fan of the Boondock Saints movies (yeah, even the second one), so of course, Darryl is my favorite Walking Dead character.  I hope he’s featured a bit more in this season.  I’m finding the Walking Dead to be a bit like Game of Thrones in that you never know when your favorite character is going to get eaten, zombified, or stabbed to death at a wedding.



Okay, I finished Season 3 and I really wasn’t all that torn up about Lori, since I wasn’t a big fan anyway.  But, OMG, The Governor is The Next Doctor!!!

No, I don’t mean the next doctor after Matt Smith, but Jackson Lake (David Morrissey) from the 10th Doctor’s Next Doctor special with cybermen and Miss Hartigan.  I went all totally fangirl, even though he was playing a whack-job bad guy (I was secretly hoping for either a redemption or for Martinez to blow him away after the massacre).

Now I’m so excited for Season 4!

P.S. – Its amazing how one can wake up at 4 a.m. and nearly piss themselves in terror because of how much one smallish cocker spaniel’s snoring sounds exactly like one of the zombie’s breathing…Not that its ever happened to me, of course.

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      In my defense (or not), it was 4 a.m., waking out of a sound sleep to that sound. AND, while the special effects crew does an amazing job with the zombie make-ups, the scariest parts (to me) is when someone is hiding from a walker and all they can hear is that wet, snuffling, breathing sound.

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      WWZ will have to wait til either DVD or PPV, since the kiddo got dibs on seeing Despicable Me 2 and Turbo. Which is fine by me as the whole fast zombie concept freaks me out a little. Watching it about 9am in the morning sounds like a good idea to me.