80’s MixTape Part 2: The College Years

Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee host Twisted MixTape Tuesday, a blog hop that’s all about music.  The premise is to create a five song mix based on the week’s theme.  (You can click on the button above if you’d like to play along).

Here’s Jen’s instructions for today’s topic: If you were going to make a mix for a friend in the Eighties, what would it contain? This is NOT a best of. This is If You Were You, in the 80’s, and You Were Making A Mix Tape For A Friend (on any topic) What Would It Be?

The 80’s Part 1 covered the songs that were meaningful to me in my high school years, so for Part 2, we’ll hit the college years.  There really weren’t a lot of pivotal moments during college.  I was either studying, working, drinking, or getting into or out of relationships.  I decided for my college years to focus on songs that remind me of certain people in my life during the last half of the 80’s.   I’ll stick with five songs, three of which are reminiscent of relationships, one of my best friend, and one of a really (really) intense weekend fling.  I’ll let it remain a mystery as to which is which.

1.  The Sweetest Taboo – Sade (1985). 

2.  Under the Milky Way – The Church (1988).

3.  Surrender to Me – Robin Zander & Ann Wilson (1988).

4.  Like the Way I Do – Melissa Etheridge (1988).

5.  Angel Eyes – Jeff Healey Band (1989).

I hope you enjoyed this week’s little interlude because next week, we’re entering the 90’s and I’m going back to hitting the rock…hard.

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  1. findingninee

    I cannot believe I left Melissa Etheridge Like the Way I Do off of my list. I played that song over and over and over! And I’m dying to know – was the really intense weekend song Angel Eyes??

    • Dream

      I wore out a cassette tape version of that Melissa Etheridge album and upgraded to CD for the next one. I still have some copy of it on/near every music player in my house (and car).

      Ah, Angel Eyes. No, it wasn’t the weekend, it was one of the relationships. The one that would have probably changed the course of my life if he hadn’t been promoted and reassigned over a thousand miles away.

    • Dream

      #3 was the love theme for the romantic triangle (between Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Michelle Pfeiffer) in the movie Tequila Sunrise. Not exactly Robin Zander’s greatest work, but it was significant to this week’s “theme” for me.

  2. Jen

    Love this list! I totally forgot about The Church, and Melissa and Angel Eyes! How did I forget Angel Eyes? I have it in rotation at home NOW. Well so glad you included these songs! Thanks for playing, looking forward to next week!

    • Dream

      I’m looking forward to next week also to get back to my rock comfort zone and out of the sticky halls of memories the 80’s seem to be for me!

  3. Lance

    The first time I ever got called a “lesbro” and liked it, was when I had the local Tuscaloosa Alabama record store near my dorm order Melissa Ethridge’s debut album. Bring Me Some Water is amazing, too.

    Great picks here. Under The Milky Way is one of the most beautiful songs. It’s very underrated.

    • Dream

      I don’t think there are any songs off that album that aren’t good. Most run the spectrum from great to amazing.

      Under the Milky Way is the only song I know of (to date) that uses a bagpipe-sound that I don’t find it an annoying and distracting addition.

  4. Clark Scottroger

    OK, it’s Number 1…right?*

    Very ‘coherent’ songlist. And very, 1980’s in what I label in my memory as semi-urban sophisticated music. The kind of music that does not require, invoke or stimulate the need for intervention by the local Police, although, the possibility of private detectives remains.

    *…just a semi-guess, but in case there are prizes at stake, I wanted to submit my entry.

    • Dream

      If you were guessing the “weekend” song, that wasn’t it either.

      But you are right about the whole musical type. I spent most of the 80’s listening to top 40/hairband/dance music because I just didn’t have much exposure to any thing else at the time. It didn’t demand thought, just movement. And that’s where a lot of my musical enjoyment still comes from, the beats and instrumentals rather than any deep intellectual lyrics.

      The 90’s and 2000’s is when I really started gaining exposure to other genres of music, especially after living overseas and later the wider access due to computers/internet.

  5. Slu

    Dreamer… All I know is: I just want to Chillax with my Cognac and a good Cigar and just soak all these in, very slowly. Very, very nice!!!

    Enjoyed very much, Slu

    ps: #4!!! That would be my guess… Just sayin’

    • Dream

      If I keep answering yes or no, I’ll eventually run out of songs and I’ll lose my whole “woman of mystery” thing. Hope you enjoyed the cognac and cigar!

  6. Slu

    OK… I probably OVER used the word VERY!!! lol Just noticed that!!! But, I did mean every word!!!

  7. Middleage Monologues

    OK so this list is most AWESOME…I saw the Church perform live…at an old church in New Orleans in 1990…it was by far one of the best concerts that I have ever attended because there were a limited number of seats so you got to listen to them in a pretty intimate environment! It was heaven…sigh…

  8. Jak

    Hmm interesting selections. I was afraid I’d only know one of the five songs, but ended up knowing a few others.

    I think my guess for the lusty weekend (as most seem to want to pinpoint) seems to waver between #3 (based on the name, though song hints at the couple knowing one another longer — which is still highly possible for a spontaneously intense rendezvous) and #4 being it seems the most intense of the songs. I’d say #3 is my guess (no need to confirm or deny per the whole “mystery” deal) because #4 really sounds like an in your face towards someone who broke up with someone for another. Though, the photo montage is a bit scandalous!

    I may have to check out those high school years 🙂

    Thank you much for visiting, and for the on going Gimp2 help!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink .

    • Dream

      Thanks for coming to visit Jak. I love that photo montage in #4! Hope the gimp info I gave you helps you get your graphics made, if not, lemme know. I can either keep trying to walk you through it or make something up for you in photoshop.