Anti-Chick Flick

I can name on one-hand the number of chick flicks I would have in my DVD collection…they just aren’t my thing and I’m not real big on horror (slasher) either.  I love comedies though, especially 80’s, Mel Brooks or Monty Python.  But that’s still not the main course.  Action/Adventure/Mystery is more my speed.  As a matter of fact, I was once told by a guy friend that I had the ultimate man’s man movie collection.

Movies 1I know its not really really politically correct to refer back to the gender stereotypes, but I would say my favorite movies are more in line with choices a male might make compared to a female.  My DVD shelf includes a lot of gangster movies, just about every movie directed by or featuring Quentin Tarantino, collections of James Bond, Matrix, Fast & Furious, and the El Mariachi trilogy.

Movies 2I also have quite the collection of serial killer flicks:  Summer of Sam, the whole menagerie of Hannibal Lecter, Seven, Zodiac, Natural Born Killers, Copycat, the Alphabet Killer, Murder by Numbers, and so many more.  Westerns and war movies aren’t high on my list, but I did love Full Metal Jacket.

Something I have noticed about my collection is that I am prejudiced in the movies I invest in.  I’m not a big fan of the black & white classics, at least not enough to buy them.   With the advent of streaming movies on the computer and Netflix, its cheaper to watch those the one time instead of purchasing them.  I’ve also been upgrading my collection to DVD/Blu-Ray.  Several of the older James Bond movies I still had on VHS cassette, which go into  storage box as I replace them.

What’s interesting (and may say a lot for the dynamic of our marriage), is that my husband’s favorite movie is Titanic.  I’ve seen it once and fell asleep.  I have no desire to see it again.  So, what’s the three “chick flicks” I actually bought?  Steel Magnolias, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Fried Green Tomatoes.

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  1. Jak

    ^The comment left above makes me want to leave a teasing comment, but not exactly an appropriate one. I may wait a bit longer into our blogging endeavors to cross that line (if ever) 😉

    You definitely have most every movie I like pictures above. Sadly… and I know this is terrible, but Ive never seen the Godfathers, Scarface, or the older Bond movies *LE GASP!* I KNOW! Crazy, right? Not only that, but I had Scarface (a movie I’ve wanted to see for ages) borrowed for months and never got to watching it.

    I’m extremely behind on Classics. I have a bunch on my NF Queue, but yet to actually watch those either. So behind 😦 I would like to see Titanic once, now that I am over my adolescent avoidance of DiCaprio movies (since Romeo & Juliet/The Beach)

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  2. Dream

    I think spam is about the only comments I consider inappropriate (and are terminated with extreme prejudice).

    Isn’t admitting to not seeing Godfather or Bond grounds for revocation of your man-card? 😉