Palette of the Week: Fresh Baked Bread

Palette8 BreadThis week’s palette is inspired by a photo I took after my first successful attempt at baking fresh bread from scratch.  Not much beats the aroma of fresh bread.  It just says “home” to me (even though my mom or grandmothers never baked their own bread while I was around) and the shades of a loaf of bread seem so warm and cozy.

After discovering a few baking tips, I decided to try my hand at making my own bread.  I used a very simple recipe with as few steps as possible (less chance for me to screw up).  My first few attempts were undercooked.  I didn’t want the exterior to get too brown, but the inside centers were close to raw.  A couple more attempts and I got close to the results I was looking for.  I’m sure a few more tries may be necessary before I perfect it and then I just might share my recipe.

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      It does make the house smell so divine. I think I’ll run to the store to pick up some yeast so I can make some to go with Sunday’s Chicken and Dumplings dinner.