Color My World

I love color almost as much as I love music so it was only right to use the Chicago song as the title of this post.

Mixing and matching, matching and mixing.  Trying different combinations to see what shades work together.  I can get lost trying to find the perfect hue for something, as I did for almost two hours trying to settle on the colors for this blog.

I also take a lot of pictures and I’ve used my color-obsession in picking out framing mats.  After selecting which shots I’ll frame, I create a palette of shades from the picture itself to take with me to the frame shop.  This gives me options to start with that I may not be able to catch as I’m standing at the counter.  Its amazing the number of varying shades of the same general color you can manage to draw out of a photo.

I thought it would be fun to share some of these palettes once a week or so.  Instead of using those I’ve already created since many of them are of family and friends, I made up a few  from my macro, floral and landscapes shots.  Palette 1 Gardenia

For my first Palette of the Week, I’m starting simple with a picture of a gardenia I took when I was visiting Savannah, GA a few years ago.  I love the scent of gardenias, but my absolute panic when confronted with a bee or wasp has prevented me from planting any in my yard.  At first glance with the naked eye, you see green, white and yellow.  On closer inspection I found that very soft periwikle-ish shade.  I also especially love the soft greens and taupe I was able to pull out of this shot.  The little splash of yellow in the center of the bloom is eye-catching, but I couldn’t really get it to work in the palette.

I included the html hex color identifiers above the swatches if you happen to see one you like.  (Click on the picture if you’d like to see it in a larger view.)

As a little disclaimer, I’ll mention that depending on the your lighting and the calibration of your monitor/screen, you may not see the same hues or intensity as I do.  Plus, I’ve had a couple/few glasses/most of a bottle of wine while prepping the picture and writing this post.  My vision may not be completely precise at this point.  *Cheers*

Dream Sig 3


    • Dream

      Oops! That must mean either my palette doesn’t make sense or you just want some wine 😉 I’m willing to share it around. (The image that brought to mind of a bunch of winos in an alley around a blazing oil drum passing around a paper bag sleeved wine bottle is probably a bit low-class for this crowd and I may need to rein in my imagination a bit.)

      Anyway, it was a Chateau Ste. Michelle 2011 Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. I usually buy a drier variety, but I saw this next to my usual choice and decided to give it a try. It was respectable for the price (under $12/bottle). I usually only imbibe a scant few times a year and I like to experiment.

        • Dream

          I can’t in good faith cuddle up snugly-smugly in your impressive wonder. I’m a fraud…I had to go look on the label. I don’t drink red, so by default it had to be white. I prefer Rieslings. And other than the elegant looking label, I really knew nothing about it. I’ve only barely graduated from the level of Mad Dog 20/20 and Boone’s Farm.