Father’s Day Delicacies

As the week is winding to a close, I’m gearing up for a Father’s Day BBQ today, arranged by my husband’s mother and aunt.  Truth be told, he’d rather spend the day puttering around in his garage and I was all for that plan myself.  But if he tried to call it off after she got that idea in her head, she’d take it personally and get her feelings hurt.  So we’ll be hauling our carcasses to his aunt’s house, because if his momma ain’t happy, he ain’t happy.  And if he ain’t happy, I ain’t happy.  I like being happy.  So we go.

I apparently had some kind of dissociative episode because I told them I’d bring desserts…knowing I can’t Bake.  Its imperative that I make things from scratch as the southern family matriarchs could tell if I tried to sneak in a box mix.

I spent yesterday morning making a couple batches of my go-to chocolate ganache brownies.  We’ll be outside, so I don’t really care how messy the kids get with them.

Next on the agenda was a red-velvet cake, because its my husband’s favorite.  My kitchen (and my shirt) looked like it was the scene of a multiple homicide from all the red-dyed cake batter.

Apple PieLastly I attempted an apple pie, which I haven’t made in about 20 years.  I knew I’d have a deficit of time and my track record with making pie crusts is about 2 in 10 turning out properly, so I used a pre-made set of crusts.  Personally, I like making a lattice top, but again with the time issue.  It may not be a beautiful pie, but I know for a fact the filling was tasty.

Another of my husband’s favorites is chicken and dumplings.  Its a lengthy and messy process, so I don’t make them often (just special occasions).  Since I knew I wouldn’t be here to make them on Father’s Day, I made them yesterday and surprised him with them last night.  He deserves a great Father’s day since he’s the best father to our son.  He was happy.  So I was happy.


**My own father passed away a couple years ago.  I’m still fighting through a maelstrom of grief and conflicting emotions about losing him and the relationship we had.  I’ve only just recently begun trying to sort through my feelings and I’ve been using writing as a tool to help.  At some point I’ll begin sharing, but its still too soon.  Happy Father’s Day Dad.