The Fifth Sunday This Week

A convergence of events of the past week have left me adrift and not really knowing what day it is anymore.  I’ve been trying to call a doctor’s office for the past two days and it not registering that its the weekend and the office isn’t open.

With my son on summer vacation from school, I don’t have that rigid schedule anymore to keep me grounded.  My husband has an unusual work schedule that gives him  4-days off every other weekend.  This is his extended weekend and this past Monday was a holiday also, so he was off then as well.  I’ve thought it was Sunday for the past five days.

Since I’m not up at 6 a.m. every morning anymore, I’ve been waking up naturally between 8-8:30 a.m.  And its been a nice relaxing wake-up instead of getting jolted out of REM by the blare of the alarm.  The drawback is my body-clock is losing two hours of consciousness so while I FEEL like its just past lunch, its actually late afternoon and I should have already started preparing dinner.  I think we’ve been the sole financial support of the local pizza place this week and I’m now on a first name basis with all the delivery drivers.

There’s also the disconcerting feeling that there’s something I should be doing, but I can’t remember what it is.  This is the fifth year of summer vacation, but I’ve never had this kind of restlessness before.  I’m pretty sure my not having a schedule is the underlying cause of my spring cleaning frenzy.

The biggest problem with having this constant underlying vibration of unease is when I do try to relax, I can’t focus on my activity or can’t enjoy what I’m doing.  I read two paragraphs and have to put my e-reader down.  I crochet twenty stitches, then put it down.  Shut off a game or the TV after only a few minutes.  I’m spending more time jumping between hobbies than I am actually doing them.  I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for summer vacation to be over.