Spring Cleaning

Technically, its still Spring, though it feels like Summer already with the kids being out of school.  But I’m going with Spring Cleaning.  Which is what we have been doing the past week.  Though Spring Cleaning may not be extensive enough since we haven’t done this kind of household overhaul since December of 2008.

As of 9:47 a.m. this morning, ALL of the laundry was clean, all at the same time.  Until 9:54 a.m. when my son put his pajamas in the hamper.  It was a brief but glorious feeling.  But it was comprehensive:  all the clothes going to Goodwill, all the curtains and tablecloths, even my husband’s garage rags…CLEAN!!!  It was a momentous occasion since that hasn’t happened since, um, never.

The closets are cleaned out, the windows are currently free of hand and dog-nose smudges, the walls have been wiped down.  The kitchen cabinets and drawers are clutter free and the refrigerator and freezer are cleaned out.  The dust bunnies are living in a far, far better place now.  Chrome and grout is cleaned in the bathrooms.  I’ve even organized our DVDs by genre and alphabetized.  All the little things that have needed to be done for so long, but I’ve put off.

I hadn’t planned on my husband ninja-ing part of my office with his computer while I was out of town a few years ago.  If he had thought it through first, he’d realize there wasn’t enough room to begin with.  We’ve been playing Twister to get past each other to our desks for the past three years and he’s been slowly but surely commandeering half my desk with his things.  But I figured out that my son’s “toy room” would be better served as a computer room for husband and son.  We’ve gotten most of the thousand toys that he hasn’t even touched in two years either packed up to save or in a box to take to the church.  By end of tomorrow it should be in condition to start moving the desks and electronics in.  And I’ll have my office back.

I’ve also been removing artwork and pictures from the walls, filling holes, repainting and rehanging.  Why?  Because my husband is over 6 ft. and apparently has no sense of interior design or spatial aesthetics.  See, all the things he’s hung upon the walls (again, when I wasn’t home) are all about a half-inch from the ceiling.  Instead of being pleasingly quasi-centered on the wall, you have to look up to see anything.  In addition, I’m not sure how he selected the frames for the pictures, but there’s two black plastic frames, two black and brown embossed frames, three oak frames, one white pine, four gold and one silver.  In one room.  Laugh if you must, it has driven me crazy for the past nine years.

I’ve had fantasies of the revenge I’d have if I went out to his storage shed or hobby garage and started rearranging things.  Mix up the standard and metric wrenches.  Hide all the wrenches for his socket sets.  Paint his hammer handles pink with color coded polka-dots.  Glue fringe to his paint guns or place ruffled curtains on his windows.  Hang kitten calendars and posters in place of his pin-ups and hot rods.  Maybe then I could get him to understand he is not to mess with my house design.


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