MixTape Tuesday: Woke Up With the Blues

I happened upon this blog hop last week and I couldn’t wait to participate because of my love of music.  The premise is this:  Try and create a 5 song mix this week, based on this week’s theme, which is Song’s We Love to Jam/Sing Our Hearts Out to in Our Cars.  Click on the button above if you’d like to play along too.

I was not blessed with the kind of singing voice that anyone else should have to suffer hearing.  I’m well aware of this failing and I do take the rest of humanity into consideration and don’t inflict it upon anyone else.  Except my son when he’s trapped in the car with me.

I wanted to try to stick with the “mix-tape” style and have my songs relate to each other in some way.  Since my musical tastes are uber-eclectic, that might have taken all week.  So I decided to stick in the genre I was feeling today…Blues.

I have a long-standing affinity for blues music, going back to my youth and a pool-playing father and grandfather.  One of my early memories is a smoke-filled poolhall with sticky floors and old men laughing against a background of an unmistakable bluesy beat.  Anytime I’m in my car and playing the blues, you can guarantee I’m wailing right along with the singer (and I pity anyone outside of the car that happens to hear me).

1.  Mannish Boy – I love this version with Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter.  This is the epitome of a blues song.  How can you not love this beat?

2.  Further On Up the Road – Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa.  There are more “bluesy” versions of this song, but the combination of these two modern-day blues guitar powerhouses makes an incredible version of this song that always gets me dancing in my seat behind the wheel.

3.  She Just Wants to Dance – Keb Mo.  This is another one that I belt out while swaying in my seat.

4.  The House is Rockin’ – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble.  I can’t comprise a blues jam list without some southern rock blues and I had to include this one.

5.  Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood and the Destroyers.  This is the ultimate in the evolution of blues to rock.  I don’t care where I am, even in the middle of the town square at a stop light, its windows down and crank-it-all-the-way-up, singing out loud and off-key and just not giving a damn who hears.

There’s my top 5 jam to/sing to in the car and it was tough just narrowing it down and keeping it on point with the theme.  I kept getting sidetracked with other blues music, but I did find a few versions of my favorites that I hadn’t heard before and that’s never time wasted.


  1. Jen

    I love this list! Thank you so much for playing along! This is perfect. I love the cohesiveness of making an all blues list, and I love Further on Up the Road, such a great addition! So happy you brought a new perspective! Please come back again next week!

  2. Lance

    what a mood setter. I feel like I;m in Memphis or Chicago or Jackson, Mississippi, sweating and clapping along. Great list.

  3. Middleage Monologues

    This list is great…and now I have another bad @$$ song that I can rock to when I have to bring out my A game…Bad to the Bone…that song just OOOOOOZES BRING IT ON! 😉

    • I Dream of White Rooms

      Thanks! Lightnin’ is definitely on my all-time favorites list of bluesmen, but I didn’t include him for two reasons. First is he really didn’t fit the theme of “jam or sing to” for me. Second, though all five of my songs are blues, I tried to make each one a little different flavor of the blues pie. Since I already had Muddy Waters, I didn’t want to throw in another classic like Lightnin’, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, etc.

      (Tom Waits was another favorite I considered, but even though he’s strongly blues-influenced, he mixes it up quite a bit.)

      • omawarisan

        Makes sense to me.
        Also, I just wanted to come back and say that I rarely use the phrase strong list twice in the space of two sentences.

        • I Dream of White Rooms

          No problem. I figured you had such an overpowering conviction of it being a strong list that you just had to use the phrase twice or..

          …nevermind, I’m going with that one.