Bittersweet Transitions

Today marks the last week of my son being an elementary school kid.  As of Wednesday morning, he’ll go to school a 5th grader and come home a middle-schooler.  We’ve already had the field trip to the new school so he could become accustomed to the new layout.  They even got to attend a “big kid” dance while the parents met with the Principal so we’d know what they expect from the incoming 6th graders.  His recap of the dance consisted of his staking out the concession stand and consuming “two sodas, a bag of popcorn, two Hershey’s bars and a package of Reese’s peanut butter cups”…in about an hour’s time.  He must inherit his self-control from me.

I’ve been thinking about this transition quite a bit and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  There’s apprehension of him entering into unfamiliar territory.  It took three years for him to adjust fully to elementary school and I really don’t want to go through that again.  I’ve also got a twinge of the “my baby’s growing up so fast” sadness.  Just a pinch.  I’m mostly proud of the way he’s growing up.  I won’t go into bragging, but I can say at least he hasn’t exhibited psychotic or sociopathic tendencies.  Yet.  That’s a plus.

I think my biggest worry over this change is him being around the older kids that are learning more adult-oriented subjects (much earlier than I did growing up).  He’s still relatively more immature than his classmates and we’ve already had an issue of him copying things they were doing and not understanding why the behavior was inappropriate.  Like being unable to explain to him why playing “hump tag” at school is wrong without interjecting sexual concepts he’s too young to have to try to grasp.  He’s too inquisitive to just accept, “Don’t do that, its not nice.”

At least we have a couple months of the summer to enjoy before we have to deal with those changes.  I feel a Junior High size migraine building.