Serial Obsessions

The sewing machine sits in a corner, dusty and unused for the last two-years.  Its entire work history consists of making two sets of curtains and two tablecloths.  Beside it is the sewing basket and a large Jo-Ann’s bag full of fabric for projects planned but never began.

In another room, there are six bags full of yarn, crochet and knitting needles in every size imaginable, books of stitches, patterns and several afghans, scarves and baby blankets not even close to being even half-finished.

On my bookshelf sits the game boxes I HAD to have and now sit unplayed :  Guild Wars (all expansions), Sims 2 and 3 (all expansions and packs), Aion, and many more.  On the computer, Second Life, Rift and World of Warcraft, downloaded and played for a handful of months and now forgotten.

And so it goes, photography, cooking, audio editing, cross-stitching, tatting, crossword puzzles.  All hobbies started with enthusiastic abandon, the thousands of dollars spent on various accoutrements, only to be side-tracked in a few months with something new.

Every once in a while I go back to them, with the promise that THIS time, I’ll at least finish a venture.  It never seems to happen.  Now I need a room all its own for all the unfinished activities and supplies.

I wonder if I could build it myself…?